Concord Cafe

The Concord Cafe is a community space managed by the national Algerian Centre in NW London. As many other community spaces in London, it heavily relies on donations and the effortless work of volunteers to stay open. The Cafe is tucked away in the residential area of South Kilburn, one of the most deprived wards of the capital and also one of the most diverse. In this area people from all backgrounds and very different walks of life converge, creating unique pockets of integration and culture. In May 2017 The Cafe hosted an African-Carabbean market, which also included children’s activities and an African dance recital.

Significantly, this neighbourhood hosts two community buildings which have been standing for over a 100 years: the Carlton Centre and the Granville Centre and Community Kitchen. Redevelopment projects keep putting at risk the existance of these places, one of the last few of their kind.